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Information for the P-EBT rollout


If your child attends a PUBLIC school in any of the Blue counties on the map they will be receiving a new P-EBT card in the mail. If they attend a school in a yellow county that is a CEP participating school they will also receive a card.

If they attend a school in a green county or a yellow county school that is NOT a CEP school but the student is eligible for free school lunch they will also receive one.

Cards will be loaded multiple times so do not throw them away. They will arrive in a plain white envelope with a return address likely showing South Dakota. Your child will receive $6.82 for each remote learning day that they had this school year. This means balances will be different for kids depending upon how many days they received in person learning. Cards will be loaded in two month increments dating back to August 2020. This program and the funds are allocated differently than the lunch bundles that were available through the schools.

DHHR will start to mail eligible P-EBT households letters the week of March 22, 2021. This letter will not contain student P-EBT cards, but contain important information regarding card activation and your student's case number. Keep this information! WV households with eligible schoolchildren should expect to receive their P-EBT cards by the end of April 2021. Households throughout the state will receive cards at varying times. Delays related to COVID-19 and USPS will also impact card delivery.

If you would not use your card the funds go back to the federal government. Funds are good for 274 days.

In other words, USE YOUR CARD!

If you do not need the food you can donate to a food pantry of your choice or to families in need.

Also, if you have multiple school aged children that are eligible they will receive separate cards.

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