Become a SNAP authorized market

Markets and farms accepting SNAP benefits must be authorized by Food Nutrition Services (FNS), a branch of the USDA. FNS will provide a SNAP license with an FNS number. This permit number is specific to your market, and will be programmed into your market's point of sale (POS) terminal or app. There is no charge for the SNAP License. 

Farmers and farmers markets apply for a SNAP License online here.

You can also call the USDA FNS’s hotline at (312) 353-6609.

Applying is a three step application process:

  1. Get a USDA account;

  2. Fill out the application online; and

  3. Mail your supporting documentation to FNS to complete your file.

*You may check the status of your application using the FNS online system. 

To complete the application, you’ll need the following:

  • Photo identification and Social Security card for all owners, partners, and corporate officers, unless the market is owned by a government agency. In cases where a farmers market is owned by a non-profit cooperative, the cooperative may designate a single “responsible official,” and provide such information solely for that person.

  • USDA FNS Completed Certification and Signature Statement, which is received after submitting the application online.

  • Any business licenses you may have for doing business at your location, under the current owner’s name (this is optional for farmers markets located on temporary sites).

Need some assistance? See the FNS website or review this guide*

*For farmers markets only

Have your FNS number and ready to move to step 2?

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