SNAP Stretch by the Numbers

According to the CDC, only 6% of adults in West Virginia consume the proper amount of fruits and vegetables per day. This, and other bleak statistics prompted the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition to pilot the SNAP Stretch program. SNAP Stretch has been in action since late 2018 with a modest budget and only a handful of participating markets. Today, SNAP Stretch has reached 35 West Virginia counties and is responsible for capturing over 2.6 million for our local food economy.*


Currently, the Coalition relies on USDA funding to operate SNAP Stretch. With the increased popularity of the program, thanks in part to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Coalition and partners are hoping to expand their funding sources, advocating for permanent, statewide funding.  

food access dollars graph.png

The graph to the left is a visual representation of how the SNAP Stretch program has grown since its 2018 inception.

When you combine the dollar amount of SNAP/EBT captured plus the dollar amount of SNAP Stretch distributed,